Nu Tribe Manifesto

Eye of Nu

envisioned: 12.21.12; first draft: 1.26.13

As members of Nu Tribe, we claim the honor of being an Earth Family. For many of us, tribe is home, regardless of what is going on in the rest of the world. We are grounded to this planet and choose to connect intimately with one another. Many of us acknowledge interstellar connections in our past, present, and future; but participation in Nu Tribe is a commitment to fulfilling our individual purposes here and now with Mother Terra, which sometimes involves interaction with universal energies. Stories of the continent of Mu laid conscious foundations for a potentially global infrastructure based on intentional evolution, and our mission is to manifest that vision out of the ashes of the currently dying system of self-destruction. Our purpose is the realization of Nu.

What is Nu? Within this Manifesto, our collective intentions are categorized into a nu psychology, conscious exercises, community commitments, and the practical application of nu ideals. Nu is a lifestyle and personal journey co-created for the betterment of the universe, the planet, and all forms of life.

Let it be known that the contents of this text are adaptable and open to interpretation by the individual. No philosophy can stand the test of time, and our goal is evolution, thus our intentions and ideas must reflect the transitory nature of experience. The conceptualization of this Manifesto is free and available for global participation and application, and we encourage a balance between structure and flow.

It is also important to remember that the standards set in this text are extremely high. This is a list of aspirations we are working toward, but it is not our intention to expect perfection from ourselves or others. There is no hurry.

The Psychology of Nu:

Nu Tribe pledges the following:

Compassion. We honor the diversity of life. In doing so, we understand that not everyone thinks alike, and that is part of the beauty of our dynamic Though some of us are truly like-minded, our group intention is to focus on our like-heartedness. It is our unconditional compassion, understanding, and acceptance that will guide us through any potential challenges. Love heals all and conquers none.

Patience. We recognize the hardships of others as we recognize hardships of our own. We choose to be tolerant of others and ourselves as we continue to make mistakes and grow through our necessary lessons. Part of our goal is to release the attachment to instant gratification initially programmed into us by the surrounding culture, so we dedicate our attention to remaining patient.

Respect. We acknowledge the necessity of communicating our needs as individuals, and we take responsibility for being respectful of others’ boundaries, as well as our own. We respect the material universe, the lifeforms who make sacrifices for our daily well-being, and the bodies that enable us to function. We respect the spiritual universe, the opportunity we are blessed with in every moment, and the ability to look inward. We respect the internal and external universes of emotion, intelligence, creativity, and perspective. We agree to never intentionally abuse any aspects of our reality.

Discernment. We see the need for keen insight, to exercise our awareness in order to better our judgment. We seek an intuitive relationship with the universe and each other, taking responsibility for our actions, and forgiving ourselves and others for any infraction through open communication. We desire to heal ourselves and Mother Earth, and our judgment will reflect this more and more over time by exercising our awareness and practicing discernment.

Selfishness through Selflessness. We choose to feel a personal reward from committing selfless acts. We better our community and our planet by being kind, and we encourage everyone to reach for the satisfaction of putting others before the self (or actively recognizing others as a reflection or extension of the self). Everything springs from the same source, and we must love and work with the beauty of the all. We are all brothers and sisters on this journey, and we are here to serve the Greater Good and support the success of every individual.

Humility. With humbleness comes a deeper understanding of our own defensiveness and offensiveness. We remember that most of what people do has absolutely nothing to do with us, and this unlocks our ability to not take things so personally. We are not victims of anyone else or ourselves. We seek to trans.form negative behavior patterns like defensiveness by showing humility.

Compromise. Through our understanding of like-heartedness, we release our need for intellectual dominance. As a leaderless entity, we must work together and take every individual’s interests into account whenever possible. We dream awake a collective vision that requires compromise and determination. Decisions on projects and events are reached by the active individuals who envisioned them, and we intend to hold space for everyone’s unique creative process.

Releasing Fear. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” – Frank Herbert, Dune. This passage resonates with our overall goal in this area. We seek to release anxiety, insecurity, and fear in the face of internal and external challenges. We focus our hearts and minds toward love in all forms, and there is no love in fear.

Integrity. We are whole. We are complete within ourselves and can find no further completion from the external world, as the external world is a part of us. We intend to sustain our integrity and soundness through whatever weather may come. We support one another along our journeys to accepting this wholeness, and we gently remind one another when needed that all is as it should be.

Confidence. We recognize the fine line between confidence and arrogance, and through focused attention, we seek to trust ourselves and release insecurities. We encourage individuals to explore themselves and find a greater appreciation of their own value. We are all key to the unfolding of this perfectly imperfect universe, and we reach for the manifestation of our vision with consideration of its effect on the whole. We accept our strengths, our weaknesses, and our ability to overcome any challenge individually and as a collective.

Reverence of Nature. There is so much to learn from the subtle languages of nature. Our sacred planet is ancient and wise, and she grants us such amazing opportunities to explore, to love, to grow, and to live. We commit to honoring her and her gifts to us. This is a symbiotic relationship, and as a part of her, we also choose to honor ourselves by participating in nature – hiking, working with plants, learning native trees, swimming, collecting spring water, picking up trash, recycling, seeking to lessen our negative impact on our environment, etc.

Communication. We are grateful for the chance to express ourselves and honor such an amazing opportunity. We also recognize language’s potential limitations and consequences, and we reach for impeccability with our word as well as awareness of how we present ourselves. Some basic concepts we find important in this space.time:

The importance of “I feel” statements – These remove the use of “You” statements that lead to feelings of attack, accusation, and assumption. By focusing on how we feel rather than what someone else is doing, we speak only of our own perspective. It is our duty to keep our perspective open to truth by removing expectation and the need to be right.

Empathy – It is perfectly acceptable for someone to feel what they feel. No one should ever be made to feel wrong. Empathy allows us to understand and accept the feelings of others and gives us a deeper, more vivid understanding of our own experiences. By exercising our intuition and being aware of where another person is coming from, we are better able to clearly communicate what we mean in such a way that the receiver truly comprehends it.

Directness – Tone is of key significance when it comes to being direct. Sometimes, bluntness can be received as offensive (which could be cured by empathy). With “I feel” statements and compassionate directness, egos can be more easily set aside.

Individuality through artful disagreement – It is not only okay to disagree, it is encouraged! Our dynamic thought processes create an amazing web of information and perspectives. However, disagreement does not mean we project our egos and demand our vision. Compromise and acceptance are key to maintaining the peace, and sometimes we must simply appreciate and respect the logic of another.

Trust – We must trust one another if we are to grow as a tribe. We are not asking that anyone expect perfection of anyone else, but simply, observe the intentions behind any action. Forgiveness is a huge piece of building trust, and this process will wax and wane between individuals, so remember to be patient. We must open our hearts and allow ourselves the opportunity to evolve through whatever the universe places in our path – trust the universe, trust the self, and trust the support system. We wish only the best for everyone.

Nu Conscious Exercises:

Learn as Often as Teaching. As a community, we seek the humility to accept hard lessons and the determination to learn and grow daily. We all have something to offer – whether it’s a skill, a product, art, creativity, or simple inspiration – and we seek to learn through our own openness and awareness without a teacher specifically directing us. We also acknowledge that others learn from us through observation, even when we are not actively trying to teach, and we hope to embody the grace and presence to communicate productive lessons.

Outreach and Public Education. We seek to actively teach our community about sustainable, spiritual, philosophical, esoteric, and historical topics, as well as offer opportunities to exercise our knowledge. We also host events in an attempt to give our community the ability to celebrate together, to be creative, and to observe the natural rhythms of the cosmos. Some of our current projects include:

  • Full Moon Gatherings on Stone Mountain

  • Indoor Hoop Jams through CALS Main Library

  • Constructing a physical and digital cooperative library for free public access (and no late fees!)

  • Participating in local Facebook groups such as Arkansas Outdoor Enthusiasts, The Crazies, Little Rock Hoop Tribe, Whole Self, etc.

  • Contributing to

Participate in the Discussion and Creation of Nu Projects. We encourage everyone to experiment with different ideas and projects. Between several of our members, we have quite a lot of land, knowledge, and skill to explore. Please do not hesitate to share an idea or creative project with the group. If we have resources, information, or energy to contribute, we will support each vision’s actualization.

Surrender to Peace. We do not surrender to any specific ideology or belief system. We choose not to observe ego desires in the midst of power struggles. Rather, we surrender our weapons and shields to peace itself. By reaching for peace in the inner and outer world [as above, so below], we hope to gain a deeper sensation, understanding, and appreciation of love on our planet. All of our methods must reflect this goal, and we choose to no longer participate in physical violence, emotional attack, or energetic battle.

Hold Space for Others to Be Empowered. As healers, storytellers, and mystics, we seek to support an environment in which everyone can feel empowered. We hold space for all those who have given away their personal power (whether due to insecurity, anxiety, doubt, etc), in hopes that they may regain the confidence to heal themselves. This does not mean that we deny participation in the healing process – asking for help is one of the most challenging thing for some folks to do – but we will not take the power away from the person seeking to evolve.

Be Creative. Creativity is one of the most rewarding aspects of this life. We have the ability to reflect the artistic nature of the universe through spoken word, dance, instruments, written word, pigment, as well as countless other mediums. We choose to exercise this ability from most basic meditations to sustainable architecture design, from being silly amongst friends to performing on a professional stage.

Exercise Spiritual Devotion. Not only are we reaching for spiritual awareness, we are striving for ritual devotion. We acknowledge the positive potential of keeping an altar or sacred space, and we encourage all of our participants to try this. It provides an excellent space for meditation and is filled with reminders to keep us grounded, patient, loving, and aware. We also encourage research into ancient practices of shamanism, mysticism, occultism, and alchemy. There are an innumerable amount of ways to be creative within our spiritual ceremonies, and finding a personal devotional exercise that resonates deeply with the individual is one of the most soothing things we can do.

Nu Community Commitments:

Regularly Get Together. This is a simple concept and should not be overcomplicated. We do not require a big gathering, concert, or celestial event in order to spend time with one another. We must simply put forth the effort to be present with those we care about, in both the physical and energetic realms. We will do our best not to let the delusions and illusions of consumerism interfere with our choice to be here.

Honor Our Sacrifice. We have each agreed to be here. Sometimes, in the interest of peace, we must compromise or completely sacrifice our idea of what is right. Other times, we must put our own desires aside in order to make time for things that will benefit to community. We choose to be responsible for ourselves and for the Earth, and so we honor the sacrifice each of us has made in order to fulfill the collective vision.

Allow Each Other the Freedom to Explore. There is no single way of achieving a goal. There is also no such thing as perfection. We cannot hold others to the same standard to which we hold ourselves. We wish for everyone to have the freedom to explore their perception, their creative force, their purpose, and their reality. Though we do not wish to limit anyone’s process, we do encourage healthy choices.

Go on Adventures Together. We honor the beauty of the land and water of this planet, and in doing so, we wish to experience it! Whether it’s a road trip to a national forest, a concert, or a gathering of any kind, we want to journey with our family. We have a budding global community on our hands, and the resources that come with that connectivity are a blessing.

Make our Energy Available. When anyone is in need of love or comfort, we choose to open our energy for use. It is a privilege to have such an amazing resource, and we encourage everyone to be mindful of how our energy will be used. We are here to spread awareness, compassion, and healing, and we ask that any individual calling on a brother or sister’s energy respect these collective intentions.

Passionate fucking LOVE. If we choose to do something, we will give it everything we’ve got! Even the most physical of sensations contains a river of energy, and we can channel that passionate rush into an ever-expanding understanding of LOVE.

Holistic Medicine & Healing. We encourage all humans to empower themselves as healers of the whole self. Terra has gifted us with many medicinal plants and fungi with which to work. We wish to educate ourselves and others on safe methods of homeopathy, crystal healing, sound therapy, massage, reflexology, energy work, cycle alignment, and other cultural approaches to balancing the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical selves.

Play & Support Absurdity. Humor and play are integral parts of any healing process, and we wish to play with the universe! Even sarcasm can be used as a tool for encouraging humility. We must not take ourselves too seriously, or our lives will reflect that seriousness. It is vital to our well-being to interact with each other and our environment, and play is a great way to stimulate our imaginations.

Practical Applications of Nu Tribe:

Community Donation Program. We intend to make it easy for Nu Tribe members and interested members of the general public to contribute to Nu Tribe projects. We are open to ideas on how to go about this, but our current thoughts are Kickstarter or In order to open a project for donations, we must first share our ideas with one another. This could easily be done by word of mouth, Facebook,, etc. We do not wish to designate a specific protocol for project manifestation, as everyone has the freedom to pursue a vision in the way that resonates with the group involved.

Volunteer Opportunities. We encourage the community to participate in creative projects. An extra set of hands is always helpful in building, farming, group art, event planning, event management, brainstorming, etc. We will do our best to make involvement opportunities known in advance so we can better coordinate schedules for those who wish to contribute.

Gardening. As a member of Nu Tribe, we ask that you try, if at all possible, to grow a garden. Educate yourself and others while setting a positive example for self-sustainability. The spiritual rewards of sharing this kind of energy exchange with food are simply amazing. Our bodies attune to our environment, and we find balance more easily with changing seasons.

Sustainability. We encourage members to research natural water sources and biologic architecture, pursue eco-friendly home design, recycle, and create organic home products (toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, surface cleaners, etc). There are so many simple ways to improve our current housing situations, however, a lot of the Green Revolution is the result of false advertising, so we wish to motivate everyone to research how different products are made. If an organic pepper is shipped from South America when it could be grown in our backyard, then try taking steps towards growing that pepper. Think globally, act locally.

Lunar Time Alignment. The 13 moon calendar has been used throughout human history. The lunar cycle is essential to the survival of our planet, and our biological rhythms reflect that synchronization. We understand that most of the world follows a solar calendar, but we wish to acknowledge the lunar calendar in conjunction with the solar rhythms of civilization. This alignment can help with farming, fishing, and traveling, as well as many other aspects of our spiritual and emotional lives.

Honoring 12:21. The idea here is to find a moment that resonates with you, a time on the clock which can remind you of some joyful connection. 12:21 was suggested due to the conceptual birth of this manifesto occurring on December 21, 2012, but we do not wish for anyone to honor this time if it has no meaning for them. Many people around the world find significance in 11:11 or 3:33, but we wish to develop a unique relationship with time, using (and perhaps manipulating) this tool in the pursuit of synchronicity or dream manifestation.

Welcome Home.” This concept began with the Rainbow Gatherings, and we wish to adopt it. Being with one another is being home. Tribe is a place where we feel loved and accepted. Simtply by being present, we are choosing to be family in that moment, and we wish to welcome everyone home.

Moon House Program. This is specifically for Nu women, but Nu men will not be barred if they wish to participate. We wish to provide a space for women cycling together to discuss our rhythms with the cosmos and different ways of working with the blood. This can be a powerful ceremonial tool as well as an amazing plant food, though many women lack the education or exposure to these ideas. This would be an educational workshop on one hand and a relaxing feminine environment on the other.

Online Presence through Anyone who wishes to start a blog, has pages available. This would be the responsibility of the individual to update, so please respect the commitment. For easier online presence, there will be plenty of topics for discussion once our online forum is operational. Until then, there is always Facebook!

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